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    Rail Rubber & Plastic Parts
    Rail Rubber & Plastic Parts Applications
    \ \
    E Clip Fastening System
    \ \
    SKL Fastening System
    \ \
    Nabla Fastening System

    Technical Parameter Unit Technical Requirement Value
    Density g/cm 1.3-1.45 1.45
    Tensile Strength Mpa ≥170 178
    Elongation % ≤4.4 4
    Bending Strength Mpa ≥250 290
    Impact Strength (No gap) KJ/m2 ≥80 85
    Melting Point 250 - 270 270
    Insulation Resistance Ω ≥1×108 5×108
    Glass Fiber Content % 30-35 35
    Hardness HRR ≥110 118
    Customization is available !

    Rail Insulators (Gauge Plates,Guide Plates)

    • \Rail nylon insulator is installed between rail and tie plate, for adjusting rail gauge and electrically insulating railroad rails, clips and bolts from the interior of a concrete tie or sleeper. Its function is the same as a rail pad, but it is thicker than rail pad. For the high speed or high load train, it is a necessary fastener part .

      \The insulators apply to rails such as 60kg (UIC) rail, 52kg rail, 136RE Rail, 90R, 75R, 50R, 60R etc. It’s material:Nylon-6 or Nylon-66 with glass filler content 20% to 35% depending on specification. These material are UV stabilized and available in natural color or as per requirements.HuiBo Railway can supply different kinds of Rail insulators which suit E clips ,SKL and Nabla fastening systems ,others depend on the specific requirementsfrom the clients .

    Rail Rubber Pads
    Raw Material Rubber,EVA,TPEE,HDPE
    Standard UIC,AREMA,TB/T2626-95
    Application 43kg/m, 50kg/m, 60kg/m, 75kg/m,115RE,UIC54,UIC60,S49
    Model number 43-7-7, 43-10-7, 50-7-9, 50-10-9, 60-10-17, 60-12-17
    Operating temperature -50~70 degrees
    Certificate MSDS,ROHS,REACH
    Notes They should be stored in clean, ventilated place. Don’t be direct sunlight, keep away from heat source and chemical reagent. Don’t touch the oil, organic solvent and other chemicals. Banned exposure.
    Customization is available !

    Rail Pads,Rail Rubber Pads
    • \Rail pads are elastic polyurethane mats which are interposed between steel rails and tie sleepers to protect the sleeper top from wearing and impacting. The starting stiffness of a rail pad is designed to not be high so that their relative deformation under the spring clip toe loads is greatly substantial. In this way, it can guarantees the rail pad maintaining in close contact with the rail despite of any vertical movements of the latter. In addition, the reason why rail pads made up of rubber or plastic is to dampen the shocks of vibration of a passing train.HuiBo Railway developed a range of high-performance elastic rail pads for stiffness requirements and various application areas-from trams through standard gauge railways to heavy haul lines, especially those for E-type rail fastening systems and SKL type rail fastening systems with material of HDPE/EVA/Rubber.
    Plastic Dowel (Plastic Sleeve)
    Applications For different sizes of screw spikes or Anchor bolts
    Raw Material Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66: Nylon 66.69%, glass fiber 30%, other 1%) HDPE
    Technical Informations Density:1.3-1.45g/cm3 Density: 0.95-0.98g/cm3
    Tensile strength: ≥170Mpa Tensile strength: ≥19Mpa
    Elongation: ≤4.4% Elongation: >80%
    Bending Strength: ≥250Mpa //////////////////////////////////////////
    Impact Strength(No gap): ≥80KJ/m2
    Melting point:250-270°C Melting point: 170-190°C
    Insulation resistance:≥1×108Ω Insulation resistance: ≥1×1010Ω
    Glass fiber content:30-35% ////////////////////////////////////////////
    Hardness:≥110HRR Hardness:≥98A
    Colour Yellow, black, white, blue, green,based on Specific Requirements.
    Customization is available !

    Rail Plastic dowel (Rail Plastic Sleeve)
    • \It was also called rail plastic sleeve/plastic insert/concrete dowel/ concrete insert, which is a counter-party fastener for a sleeper screw or anchor bolt, and it is pre-imbedded into the oncrete or wooden sleeper tie, installed together with screw spikes, "guide plates and rail clips to fasten the rail tracks."

    Functions of the rail plastic dowel.
    • \In a set of rail fastening system, the plastic dowel can be considered as the fastening foundation, as it needs to be pre-inserted into the concrete sleeper separately before assembling the rail fastening system parts. It is used to guarantee the good connection and linkage of the rail fastening system with the concrete sleeper, with screw spikes or bolts.On the other hand, similarly as the rail pad or rail insulators, the plastic insert’s another function is to insulate the fastener parts from the ties. Therefore, the quality of this small pre-inserted part into the concrete sleeper, especially its strength and fatigue life, is of great importance to the whole rail line.

    Types of Rail Plastic Dowel
    • \Rail Plastic Dowels are always used in SKL fastening systems, and can be classified according to its materials needed: of PA66 or HDPE, depending on different technical specification requirements from clients.
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